Tax considerations can drive investment decisions and retirement savings strategies. Here, you'll find articles and tools covering different tax issues shared by savers and investors.


Mutual Funds and Taxes: A Primer to Help Lighten the Load
A look at potential tax consequences of mutual fund investing, including the calculation of cost basis for capital gains.

The Alternative Minimum Tax -- Not Just for the Wealthy
This article examines the alternative minimum tax (AMT) and identifies ways to potentially minimize or avoid it.

Five Strategies for Tax-Efficient Investing
Find out how you can potentially improve your portfolio’s bottom line through tax-efficient investing.

Keeping Up With Your IRA: Tax Season Checklist
This article offers considerations designed to help you make the most of IRA opportunities.

Shielding Retirement Assets From Taxes
The retirement assets you’ve worked so hard to save will be taxed once distributions begin. Fortunately, there are strategies that can reduce taxes for you and your heirs.

Interactive Chart

The Benefits of Tax-Deferred Compounding
This interactive chart illustrates how tax-deferred retirement savings vehicles can give you the edge you need to pursue your financial goals.


Taxable-Equivalent Yield
Calculates the taxable equivalent of a series of yields based on the user's tax rates.

After-Tax Return
View the historical after-tax rate of return for different asset classes, based on an individual's tax rate.