Mutual Funds

Successful mutual fund investing means knowing the strategies and different factors to consider when choosing funds. Here, you'll find articles and tools that help mutual fund investors.


How to Choose a Mutual Fund
Choosing from thousands of mutual funds can be confusing. Here’s a guide.

A Look at Mutual Fund Categories
Growth, income, tax exempt? This article looks at the different types of mutual fund categories and what they mean in terms of risk and potential return.

Choosing the Right Benchmarks for Your Mutual Fund
The right benchmark can help you measure performance and assess risk characteristics of your mutual fund.

Getting to Know Exchange-Traded Funds
Exchange-traded funds combine some of the features and potential benefits of stocks and mutual funds.

Mutual Fund Sales Charges, Fees, and Expenses
This article explains different mutual fund share classes, sales charges, 12b-1 fees, and administrative fees and expenses.


Understanding Mutual Funds
Learn how mutual funds work, how they are managed, and how they can fit into your financial plan.

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Diversifying Your Investments
Learn about the potential benefits of diversifying your investment portfolio with different types of assets.


Dollar Cost Averaging
Demonstrates the effects of dollar cost averaging.