Living in Retirement

Tap into articles and tools used by retirement planners to help manage money on retirement -- content that can help you make sure you don't outlive your retirement savings.


Planning the Withdrawal of Your Retirement Assets
This article offers suggestions for an efficient withdrawal strategy in retirement.

How to Determine Your Annual Withdrawal Rate
Find out why setting an annual withdrawal rate is an important decision in retirement income planning.

Managing Cash Flow in Retirement
This article deals with the practical issues retirees face in managing their income streams and achieving a disciplined approach to budgeting.

Now That You're Retired, Maximize Your Retirement Income
You will find tips on investing to get the most income out of your investments.

Health Care Options in Retirement
Medicare may be one of the most unifying themes of life for Americans aged 65 and older. This article looks at the choices facing every Medicare recipient.


Investing in Retirement
This tutorial examines the risks, strategies, and other important issues faced by investors who are in or near retirement.

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Investment Volatility and Your Retirement Income Potential
Discover how the specific timing of market ups and downs can affect long-term financial security in retirement.


Choosing Your Annual Withdrawal Rate
Calculates the annual withdrawal rate needed to cover expenses in retirement.