Small Business

Tap into articles, calculators and interactive learning tools focused on small business owners, helping them better manage their business.


Buying vs. Leasing: Understanding Your Options
Should you own or lease business assets? This article discusses the factors you will want to consider.

Growing Pains: Structural Considerations for Growing Your Business
This article looks as some of the structural and procedural considerations smaller businesses face when transforming to a larger organization.

Small Businesses: Surviving an IRS Audit
This article introduces small-business owners to the process of an IRS audit, key audit flags, and what you need to do to prepare for an audit.

Choosing the Right Retirement Plan for a Small Business
One of the retirement plans highlighted in this article may be an appropriate tool for pursuing your business's entire range of goals.

SIMPLE Retirement Plan Basics for Small Businesses
SIMPLE plans offer small businesses a chance to provide a retirement plan for employees that includes flexible matching and less reporting.


Estate Planning Basics
This tutorial addresses the fundamental planning tools, strategies, and tax considerations in planning for the transfer of your estate.

Interactive Chart

Weighing the Advantages of Buying vs. Leasing
This dynamic chart will help you understand the cash flow implications of buying versus leasing.


Business Loan Repayment
This calculator can help give you an idea of just how long it will take to pay down your loan.