529 Plan State Tax

When choosing a 529 college savings plan for the college-bound student in your life, you'll need to consider a variety of tax-related issues. For example, you'll want to determine whether you can claim any state tax benefits if you contribute to your state's 529 plan, and what the value of those tax benefits may be. Note also that a few states allow deductions when you contribute to out-of-state 529 savings plans.

This 529 State Tax Calculator can help you find out:

  • If your state offers tax deductions or other tax advantages
  • What the limits on the benefits might be
  • How much you may be able to deduct and save on your state taxes

To begin considering what asset allocation may be right for you, answer the questions in the four sections below, then click Submit.

If your state is not listed, then it does not currently offer a deduction for 529 contributions (although Indiana, Utah, and Vermont offer a tax credit in some cases), or it does not have a state income tax.

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